Sustainable investing for financial advisors

Design, research, and invest in custom portfolios that meet all of your clients' goals.

Demand for sustainable investing is at an all-time high.

Vestive makes it easy.

95% of younger investors are interested in investing sustainably.*

Design truly sustainable portfolios

Leverage our data to design portfolios for the issues your clients care most about.
Say goodbye to "greenwashing"
Look beyond just the name of the fund to see actually how green those investments truly are.
Use our portfolios or design your own
Let us empower you to design custom sustainble portfolios of your own, or use one of our tested solutions.

Sustainable impact and financial performance, hand-in-hand.

Invest sustainably without a financial tradeoff
Complement your existing allocation
Seamlessly integrate sustainability into your clients’ portfolios without having to modify your asset allocation or investing strategy.
Don't sacrifice financial perfomance
Sustainable investing does not require sacrificing financial returns -- we show you both bottom lines so you know you're making the right choice for your client.

Communicate real impact

Our reporting and analytics empower meaningful conversations between you and your clients.
Compare to clients' outside investments
Show your clients the difference they can have by investing sustainably with your firm.
Always have something good to talk about.
Plan for a client's cumulative impact over their lifetime, and track their progress to those goals.
Impact in terms we can relate to.
We convert investment impact into real-world change.
Layer 1
Labor Violations
79% better
Layer 1
Fossil Fuels
12% better
Layer 1
Gender Equity
6% better
Layer 1
8% worse
Layer 1
Carbon Footprint
34% worse
Layer 1
Alternative Energy
64% worse
Layer 1

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